Chief Executive Statement

The past five years has seen a surge in online course delivery, covering a multitude of industry sectors, courses and qualification types.
As growth continues, so does the need for a strengthening sign of quality in both course content and delivery.

The quality mark, in the form of accreditation, ensures the student has been taught a professional course that will form a strong basis for their role going forward. The student should also enjoy the benefits of a course from a trusted organisation, and one that aims to fullfil their students goals.

Accreditation has also seen growth over the past few years – with bodies accrediting courses in varying types and industries.

We’re passionate about the advantages online learning can bring in accessibility, outcomes and affordability. It is with this in mind, ACDL strives to provide high standards in accreditation so we as an organisation can give accurate and reliable assurance to both providers and students.
Going forward, ACDL will continue to monitor and assess the online learning industry to ensure accreditation is up-to-date and relevant.”


Dr Patricia Blackeway