ACDL Code of Practice

An organisation applying for accreditation must adhere to the below guidelines and provide proof of adherence to same in their application.

What ACDL seeks from those it endorses:

  1. Correct and up-to-date documentation.
  2. Competence in written English correspondence, course content and all official documentation.
  3. Organisation must function as an institute of learning and this function must be reflected in all public content, media and documents.

How an ACDL-approved organisation must conduct itself towards potential students.

  1. Organisation must offer a degree of transparency in how it conducts its business. Private business must still exhibit trustworthiness.
  2. Courses, Media, and Course Procedures must all be advertised in a truthful and professional manner.
  3. Language competence must be consistent and of the highest standard.
  4. Materials needed in order to complete course must be justified in their requirements and clearly outlined before commencement of course.
  5. Course must follow a fair and appropriate pace and time-frame.

How an ACDL-approved course should be structured

  1. Methodology must be clearly outlined.
  2. Course must be structured with coherent/sequential modules.
  3. Modules should cover a range of aspects of said subject.
  4. A valid certificate is awarded upon successful completion of course.
  5. For all courses, content and procedure must always be current and up to date.