FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions about ACDL

What does ACDL do for organisations seeking its approval?

We offer our seal of approval only to those who meet our stringent standards of quality in online education. Organisations endorsed by ACDL are proven satisfactory in their methods of online teaching, which will give your students peace of mind when relying on you to provide the best education.

What sectors does ACDL offer qualifications in?

We offer qualifications to organisations conducting online courses in a broad range of disciplines including but not limited to: Programming, Journalism, Digital Marketing, Social Care, Language Education, etc.

How can my organisation get accredited?

The application procedure can be found here. You can access the online Application Form to begin the process of seeking accreditation. Approval will depend on your organisation meeting our set standards and regulations as set out in our Code of Practice.

What documents will I need for the application process?

You will be required to submit the ACDL online Application Form, which requires details such as your organisation’s name, address and contact details, as well as some general information about the course requiring accreditation. Once you are selected for an accreditation review you will be asked to supply ACDL with additional documentation. This includes but is not limited to: your organisation’s procedural policies, code of practice, projected learning outcomes and the qualifications you wish to offer to prospective students. These documents should be certified copies of the originals.

For more details please refer to the How to Apply page.

How long does the process take?

Upon submission of your additional documentation, the accreditation process takes 10 working days, but may be prolonged should your organisation fail to provide us with all the necessary documentation. To ensure an expedient process please ensure that all of your details and documentation are correct and up-to-date upon submission.

What if my organisation does not meet one or two conditions, can it still be accredited?

We require strict adherence to all regulation standards, as we need to ensure that all our accredited providers meet the same level of quality. Should an organisation fail to meet any of our conditions, we are unable to allow our seal to be used. Further, should it come to our attention that a provider no longer adheres the ACDL Code of Practice, the organisation shall immediately be stripped of any accreditation.

How does ACDL monitor compliance with the Code of Practice?

ACDL conducts random inspections of the courses offered by its accredited providers to ensure compliance in all aspects of that body’s organisational and teaching methods.

For how long does ACDL accreditation last?

ACDL accreditation lasts for 24 months.

How can accreditation be renewed?

In order to update accreditation, providers are required to submit a Renewal Declaration every 24 months for each course that has been accredited with ACDL to demonstrate that it continues to adhere to the Code of Practice. The Declaration will also require providers to declare any significant changes to their course’s assessment policy, teaching staff, management, structure or content. Our team will determine whether or not such changes comply with the ACDL Code of Practice.

Whom do I contact if I have further questions?

If you have any queries related to our accreditation procedure not covered by this page, please use the contact form.